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Using this Template

TODO - write about...
  • How this template works (it's design)
  • How to apply this template to your own module
    • Designing the Model class
    • Designing the View class
    • Designing the Presenter class
      • Making it "testable" - constructors that take one or more controllers (DI or Dependency Injection)
    • Localization files (.resx)
    • What to test?
    • Writing tests
      • "true" TDD
    • How to think in MVP
      • NB: treat Model & View as a conceptual "unit", where the View is the UI presented to the user and the Model is all of the data for the UI (not simply a single module info class)
      • NB: treat Presenter as the holder of all processing logic; it "directs" the View like a ventriloquist controls the dummy
      • talk about where the Controller class fits in
        • situations where more than one Controller class is used by the Presenter
      • Presenter First -

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