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Passive View MVP

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  • View does not communicate with Presenter; View just receives/responds to all the Presenter's actions
  • View Interface tends to define
    • methods and properties to allow the Presenter to manipulate the View and send data to the View from the Model
    • events to tell the Model that the user has done something (such as having clicked the Add or Delete button)
  • View tends to not have any specific knowledge about the Model. In the Passive View, the View and the Model are often completely decoupled.
  • Passive View makes the Presenter highly testable, but it also means that the Presenter has a lot more code, because the Presenter must tell the view absolutely everything about the data the View needs in addition to responding to user events delegated through the View
  • Passive View and Supervising Controller have this in common
    • View
      • both delegate user events to the Presenter
      • the markup tends to be the same
    • Presenter - knows about
      • the model (or at least the model's Interface)
      • only the View's interface
    • Model's design is the same in both places
  • Key difference in Passive View & Supervising Controller
    • View
      • Interface tends to look different
        • (Passive View) interface tends to just have properties for "small" pieces, not the Model in its entirety
        • (Supervising Controller) view interface will have events and a reference to the Model

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