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Project Description
This project demonstrates how to build a fully tested DotNetNukeModule utilising Web Forms MVP, MBUNit and Watin

The objective of this project is to build a thorough example of how to create unit tested and automation tested DNN modules using the MVP Pattern provided by WebFormsMVP ( The automation testing uses the DotNetNuke Autoamtion Testing framework as the basis which uses MBUNit and Watin (
A further objective is to show how to use MSBuild and MSBuild Community Tasks to automatically create an installable extension when the solution is in Release mode.

Blog Posts on this project

Read this post for step by step instructions on how to use this template.

There is now a release of this project. When using these templates make sure you add the test project first and add it into a sub folder of where you will develop the module. This template does not need to be developed under DesktopModules so create a folder for the module and then a sub folder called Tests under it. Then follow the instructions in the documetnation.htm file that opens on project creation.

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